More Than 62 Per Cent of California Residents Vote Yes to Have Daylight Saving Time Year-Round

Voters who hate resetting their clocks twice a year took the first step Tuesday to making daylight saving time year-round in California.

With nearly 4.5 million ballots counted, Proposition 7 led by more than 62 per cent.

The measure permits the state legislature to establish permanent daylight saving time.

However, a change in federal law would be required before the initiative can take effect.

The time-change issue was fresh on voters’ minds when they went to the polls.

California and most of the rest of the nation reset clocks last Sunday, falling back on standard time and seeing the day get dark one hour earlier.

Democratic Rep Kansen Chu of San Jose said last month that he sponsored Proposition 7 after his dentist called him to complain about springing forward when clocks are moved up an hour every March.

That switch takes away an hour’s sleep in the middle of the night as it shifts an hour of sunlight from the morning to the evening.

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Source: Daily Mail