London Beats Paris, New York and Tokyo to Be Named the Best City in the World 2019 Thanks to Its Luxury Shops, Universities and Top Restaurants

London is the best city in the world, according to a new study.

The UK capital came top of a ranking of the globe’s 100 best performing cities thanks to its luxury shops, coveted universities and colleges and eclectic mix of restaurants.

The French capital Paris came second, while New York is third and Tokyo is fourth.

The research was carried out by consultancy company Resonance, which looked at seven different factors to compile its list for 2019.

The factors were house affordability and job opportunities, quality of the natural and built environments, quality of key institutions, attractions and infrastructure, diversity of people, promotion online, economic prosperity and quality of the arts, culture, restaurants and nightlife.

The report said of London: ‘London’s magnetism is certainly world renowned, with visitors streaming into the city in record volumes – 19.8 million in 2017, almost a million more than the record set the previous year.

‘Perhaps most impressive is its food scene, which overtook Tokyo this year globally according to traveler and resident sentiment. Given the clichéd reputation of British cuisine – historically passable at best – this is an incredible development. As of 2018, the city had 70 Michelin-starred restaurants.’

Second-place Paris was praised for its massive infrastructure upgrades ahead of it hosting the 2024 Olympics.

The report said: ‘Paris boasts the best Airport Connectivity in the world, finished sixth in the Convention Center subcategory and ranked 11th in quality of museums. Infrastructure investment has also sped up, and the city is building more hotels than ever – almost two dozen are scheduled to open by late 2019.’

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Source: Daily Mail