There Is a Devil Loose: Demon-Driven 15-Year-Old Is Held Without Bail ‘After He Took 30 Minutes and Two Attempts to Strangle His Mother to Death as She Fought for Her Life in an Argument Over His D Grade’

A 15-year-old ‘sociopath’ who spent half an hour throttling his mother to death with his bare hands as she fought for her life after a row over bad grades appeared in court on Sunday where he was denied bail and remanded in custody.

Gregory Logan Ramos is accused of murdering his mother Gail Cleavenger, 46, in her own bed at their family home in Florida shortly after midnight on Friday last week.

He then enlisted two of his friends to help him stage a burglary in his home and called 911 to report his mother missing.

Gregory was arrested after confessing to killing his mother it during police questioning.

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood described the schoolboy as ‘soulless’, said he showed no remorse, and is ‘among the top three sociopaths I have ever encountered’. 

In his police confession, Ramos told how he had argued with his mother on Thursday evening after getting a D grade at school.

Prosecutors are now weighing up whether or not to charge Ramos as an adult.

On Sunday, he was ordered to a juvenile detention facility for the next 21 days. His two friends were allowed to return home where they will be monitored by ankle bracelets.

Last Friday, the teenager’s mother gave him a row for the D grade and then called his father, who was on a business trip, to tell him about it.

She went to bed afterwards at 11pm.

Ramos waited for 90 minutes then crept into her bedroom and tried to strangle her at 12.30am.

She woke up and fought him, scratching his face and trying to throw him off.

Eventually, he overpowered her. She died at 1am.

After killing Gail, Ramos invited school friends Dylan Ceglarek and Brian Porras, both 17, to his house to stage a burglary.

The trio kicked in a door and removed items such as a computer, rifle and Playstation, before driving to a nearby church where they buried Gail’s body underneath a fire pit.

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Source: Daily Mail