After 46 Years and the Queen of Soul’s Death, Aretha Franklin Estate Agrees to “Amazing Grace” Documentary Release

Molly Riley/Reuters

In 1972, Aretha Franklin gave a performance that would become the best-selling gospel album of all time. Forty-six years later, Franklin fans will finally be able to experience that heavenly performance in its entirety, as footage of it is now being released as a documentary feature. The film, whose director Sydney Pollack passed before seeing it through to completion, is aptly titled Amazing Grace and is already an Oscar hopeful. It centers around a two-day performance by Franklin in a Los Angeles church, accompanied by Atlantic Records musicians and the Rev. James Cleveland’s choir. No major distribution deal has been made for the film yet, but select theaters in New York and California will begin screenings as early as next week. Official premiere plans are in the works for early next year in L.A. and Detroit.


SOURCE: The Daily Beast