79 Students Kidnapped From Presbyterian Boarding School in Cameroon

Reinnier Kaze/AFP/Getty

More than 80 people, including 79 students, were kidnapped Sunday night from a boarding school in Cameroon, according to a Monday report from The Guardian. A teacher who lives near the Presbyterian school Nkwen, which is located in an English-speaking region, told The Guardian that “I heard a strong sound at night, like that of a gun. I was scared […] We quickly switched off the lights and went to bed. In the morning, I saw many people returning from campus with doubtful faces. I quickly rushed there and realized that students were not on campus.” The attackers haven’t yet asked for ransom, The Guardian noted, but they have demanded that the remaining students be sent home. This is not the first time such a kidnapping has occurred in the conflict-torn nation, The Guardian added: In September, another kidnapping occurred at a different school in the region, during which a group of children were held for three days before they were freed on a ransom of about $1,500. Due to an ongoing conflict, many schools in the region have already been shuttered.


SOURCE: The Daily Beast