Tasha Cobbs Leonard Says She Is Expecting to See God Move Throughout Her Revival Tour

Gospel singer Tasha Cobbs-Leonard kicked off her “Revival” tour on Nov. 1 and said she’s setting the stage each night to see God move in the lives of everyone in attendance through miracles, signs and wonders.

“I grew up in the church where we thought about revival as a gathering, we call them conferences now but we use to call them revivals — where you bring in preachers and people would come to just enjoy Jesus,” Cobbs-Leonard told The Christian Post on Tuesday.

“I think we’ve kind of gotten away from the definition of revival. The true definition of revival is a reboot; it’s a refreshing; it’s a restart. And I believe that we’re in a place now where God is reviving our spirit, reviving the assignments of the Kingdom of God,” she continued.

Cobbs-Leonard will be on her Revival tour through Nov. 16 and says her goal is to witness the Gospel at work in people’s lives at every stop.

“We can start seeing those miracles, signs, and wonders and that’s the revival that I’m referring to,” she explained. “We’re going back now to those things that we learned and that we believed years ago — that hunger that we had, and may have lost over the years. Well, God is bringing that hunger back. That thirst for Him is coming back, and with that thirst is going to come miracles, signs, and wonders, and that’s what I’m expecting in every encounter that I’m having in the Revival tour.”

The Grammy Award-winning songstress also hosted a gathering at Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia, recently to record her new all-live album release, Heart. Passion.Pursuit.: Live From Passion City. When asked to break down the meaning of her heart, passion, and pursuit, Cobbs-Leonard shared the strategic assignment God gave her.

“When people hear this album they’re going to have that live experience in their cars and in their homes. I just really believe that it’s going to be a worship encounter like no other that people can have during their own personal time with God,” she said.

“The assignment that I was given for this album from God was to go into territories that may be uncomfortable. I wrote with writers from different nations, different nationalities, different cultures. And what’s so amazing about that is when you join together with people who have differences, sometimes we take differences in a negative way, but God never meant for that to be a negative thing. He made us different so that we could never live without one another.”

Cobbs-Leonard revealed that the Lord specifically instructed her to focus on things that she has in common with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

“He said, ‘That’s your heart for me, your pursuit after me, and your passion for me.’ He said, ‘If we focus on these things then we’ll understand how our differences can push the Kingdom of God to another level,'” she recalled.

The Georgia native maintained that regardless of who someone is in the Christian Kingdom, they have “heart, passion and pursuit,” and it’s something every Christian has for the Lord. The singer likewise chose each song for the record based on that truth and made sure they all aligned with the “vision God gave her” for Heart. Passion.Pursuit.: Live from Passion City.

Cobbs-Leonard also spoke about the importance of being vulnerable before God, whether one is a church leader or attendee.

“The Bible says, ‘When we are weak, that’s when He is strong.’ And I think that also goes along with our posture toward Him,” she affirmed. “I share this story all the time about my father, when I would speak to my father he would encourage me to stay at the feet of Jesus. For people who walk in the spirit of pride or who aren’t humble before anyone, that posture might seem like a posture that decreases you, but that’s what we want to do.”

“I want to decrease so that God can increase my life. I think that’s what happens when you’re in a place in life where you feel weak and warn and things aren’t going in your favor. That’s when God is strong,” she reiterated. “You’ll find that even in your times of ministry that He can use you the most when you are at your least. Because when we’re at our least that’s when He’s at His greatest.”

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Source: Christian Post