Country Singer Lauren Alaina Recounts Her Stepfather’s Last Moments; Says She Believes He Saw Jesus and Went to Heaven

Country singer Lauren Alaina says she witnessed her stepfather’s last moments before he died and believes he saw Jesus and was welcomed into Heaven.

The “American Idol” season 10 runner-up took to Instagram with an emotional post last weekend, revealing that her stepfather, Sam Ramker, had died.

“My stepdad, Sam, went to Heaven at one o’clock this morning. He was the purest example of how to love and live life fully,” Alaina wrote on the social media platform along with a photo of her family.

“His last few hours were some of the most amazing moments I know I will ever have the privilege of witnessing,” she continued. “He opened his eyes last night. They shined the brightest I’ve ever seen anyone’s eyes shine, and he said, ‘Jesus.’ We said, ‘What do you see Sam?’ He said, ‘It’s so beautiful.’ Mom asked him who he saw and he told her a bunch of people, including his mama.”

Alaina explained that he told the family he loved them and then said that he found something.

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Source: Christian Post