What’s Going On: Young Black Man Was Most Likely Fed to Hogs After He Was Kidnapped for Possible Drug Trafficking as Police Search for the Van His Mother Saw Him Shoved Into

A North Carolina man who was kidnapped in January was most likely killed and fed to hogs, according to court documents.

Charleston Prentice Goodman, 26, was last seen by his mother and family at his Durham home on January 28.

‘He kissed me on my forehead like he always does and said, “Mama, I love you, I’ll be back,” I said, “I love you, too, baby, be safe,”‘ Tammie Goodman told WNCN about the day he was taken.

She shared that Charleston had been leaving to pick up his five-year-old daughter when he went missing. Less than ten seconds after he kissed her goodbye, Ms Goodman heard her son screaming.

When she ran outside, Ms Goodman was shocked to see her son being taken into a light-colored van.

Police would later identify the vehicle as a 2005-2008 Honda Odyssey.

‘I saw my son being shoved into the van,’ she added. ‘He was fighting with everything he had. He was saying, “Who are you, what do you want with me?” and then when he realized I was out there he started saying, “Mama, go back in the house, lock the door, lock the door.”‘

Investigators stated that he hasn’t been seen since that moment, except a possible sighting by a witness who said that she saw a man’s body in the back of a van.

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Source: Daily Mail