There’s a Devil Loose: Man Who Persuaded Wife to Commit Suicide So he Could Receive her Life Insurance Payout to Build a Religious Commune is Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

Graham Morant
Graham Morant

An Australian man who wanted to claim his wife’s life insurance has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for persuading her to kill herself.

Graham Morant, 69, was sentenced on Friday after he was convicted by a Queensland jury of both “counselling” and “aiding” his wife’s 2014 suicide.

The judge said he believed it was the first ruling of its kind anywhere in the world.

Justice Peter Davis rejected Morant’s claim that he had acted through compassion for his 56-year-old spouse, Jennifer.

Mr Davis decided the motivation was to collect 1.4 million Australian dollars (about £770,000) from three life insurance policies.

Morant’s wife had been suffering from chronic back pain and depression, but was not terminally ill when she died by suicide four years ago.

Prosecutors told the court that the devout Christian had wanted to spend the insurance money from his wife’s death on building a religious commune on the Gold Coast.

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SOURCE: Adam Forrest 
The Independent