There Is a Devil Loose: Demon-Influenced Woman in Brazil Beheads Her Baby Son After ‘Voices Told Her He Was an Evil Dragon’

A mother in Brazil allegedly beheaded and dismembered her baby, before leaving the remains stuffed in plastics bags on a dining room table because voices told her he was an ‘evil dragon’.

Domingas Carvalho, 40, decapitated her 17 months old son ‘voices ordered’ her to kill the child because if she didn’t he would ‘turn into an evil dragon and eat people’, police claimed.

Baby Jhony’s remains were found in two plastic shopping bags. One of them contained the little boy’s head, the other had the body parts.

The horrific discovery was made last Friday morning around 9am by the suspect’s mother-in-law, Lucia Maria Carvalho, 67, who lives next door in Manaus, north Brazil.

The grandmother initially thought the bags on the table contained discarded fish and threw them out on wasteland beside the property without first looking inside.

When she checked the contents about half an hour later she noticed a small hand protruding from the sacks.

Several videos of police making the grim find were filmed by local residents who did not want to be named.

Footage shows forensic officers, in full view of a crowd gathered to watch, piecing together the dismembered parts, inspecting the body and taking photographic evidence.

The alleged child murderer was reportedly found by police at 6pm the same day following a tip off.

She was said to be sitting at a watermelon market stall in the town centre reading a bible in blood-stained clothes.

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Source: Daily Mail