Harvey Weinstein ‘Could Have Targeted Nearly 1000 Women’, Lawyer Leading Class Action Lawsuit Says

Harvey Weinstein faces criminal charges as well as a civil lawsuit

The lawyer leading a civil case against Harvey Weinstein and some associates has told Sky News she believes he could have targeted nearly 1,000 women.

It comes as two of his former employees say his brother Bob Weinstein knew about the extent of his alleged behaviour as early as 1990.

Elizabeth Fegan, who has filed a class action suit against the disgraced movie mogul, said: “I think we are talking about hundreds, I think it could be near a thousand.

“I think that based on what we know, and what has already been made public, at least 150 women have come forward in some way.

“On top of that we have employees who said that there were women in his office three times a week, where they would have to go in his office and clean up after him, knowing that he had just done something and ejaculated.

“So if you’re talking about three times a week at least for all the number of years he’s been in power at Miramax and the Weinstein company, that’s a lot of women.

“When you look at how long this went on, we’ve talked to women that started with him in 1979 at Miramax, women through the 80s.

“This was every day behaviour. He was a bully and he was a predator.”

Harvey Weinstein, who also faces criminal charges, has consistently denied all allegations of non-consensual sexual conduct.

Ms Fegan’s comments come as former Miramax employees told Sky News they believe Bob Weinstein knew about the extent of his brother’s alleged behaviour as early as 1990.

Kathy Declesis was Bob Weinstein’s assistant at Miramax in the late 80s and early 90s, and head of creative affairs Michael Apostolina worked there during the same time period.

What they say appears to contradict Bob’s public statements that he always believed Harvey’s contacts with women “were all consensual situations”.

Mr Apostolina detailed how “everybody” at the Miramax offices knew about what Harvey was allegedly doing.

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SOURCE: Sky News – Hannah Thomas-Peter