Police Search for ‘South Park Susan’, a White Woman Who Racially Harassed Two Black Women Waiting for AAA Outside Their Home

The women behind the camera of the viral #SouthParkSusan videos have hired an attorney, and Susan is nowhere to be found.

The hashtag #SouthParkSusan started trending on social media this weekend after a video of Susan J. Westwood, who is accused of harassing her neighbors, Leisa and Mary Garris, went viral.

Westwood now has criminal summons issued for her on two counts of communicating threats and two counts of simple assault.

The Garris sisters hired attorney Michael Phillips to represent them on civil matters.

“These Garris sisters didn’t feel safe. So we worked toward making them feel safe,” said Phillips.

The sisters feared for their safety particularly after Westwood’s mention of concealed weapons in the video they recorded.

Phillips brought this up to the legal team for Camden Fairview Apartments, where the incident took place, and they agreed to initiate the eviction process.

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SOURCE: Anne Marie Hagerty