WATCH: Pastor Victor Couzens, Who is Accused of Whoremongering With Multiple Women, Posts Video Following Appearance of Alleged ‘Suicidal Note’ On his Facebook Page; (If Pastors Who Commit Adultery Are Condemned, Silly-Minded Church Whores Who Commit Adultery With Them Need to be Condemned As Well)

Pastor Victor Couzens
Pastor Victor Couzens

Victor Couzens, pastor of the 5,000-member Inspirational Bible Church – City of Destiny in Ohio, has posted a video in order to ‘show his face’ and let people know he is alive and well after a ‘suicidal note’ was posted on his Facebook page. 

The alleged note purportedly written by Couzens was screen-captured by Leonardo Blair and published in the video below. The post, which is quite lengthy, reads in part: “So this is it! I am done! Write this story: ‘HE QUIT LIFE!’ Not because he was guilty! But because he knows that there is more peace in leaving than in staying… So you can call me a coward or whatever you want. But I won’t be here to hear it… I’m done! And if you make it to the other side, please don’t look for me. And don’t cry any fake tears for me. Because you really do not care about ME! Congratulations! This took me out!!” (The full alleged suicide note is below the video.)

….I’m sick and tired of all of this! Yes! I’ve made my mistakes, like everyone else. But, I don’t deserve the way I’m being harassed and treated and drug down! People are cruel and the world is full of more evil than I can any longer bear.

I have tried to be strong, and keep my head up, and the more I do that here comes something else ugly and nasty and malicious being said about me.

I have helped and blessed tens of thousands of people all around the world. And now I’ve been made out to be a monster and a manipulator! It’s not right. And I’m sick of it.

People don’t want the truth! They want what’s juicy and what’s salacious. I’m sick of living in the fish bowl.

People put words in my mouth. I never said I was resigning from anything. I never said I was stepping down from my church. I never said I have issues that I need to deal with and that I am guilty of anything. Yes! I have enjoyed female companionship but no, it never was about sex or leading anyone on! If it was just about sex, I could buy sex! They have Apps for that!

But people print it and they write it and say I said it because that’s what they want me to do and say! And it makes them look big.

Accountability!? Where is it for those that continue to benefit by exploiting my name? And talking about my children and parents and loved ones who have nothing to do with any of this! And who have benefited from my kindness and generosity and now they only seek to destroy me and everything I’ve built?

They say “you hurt some ladies. You made them promises!” Any lady I have ever been in the presence of has been grown and they knew what they were doing! And they often kept coming after ME! Why? Because I was kind and good to them!

When I was enjoying their company they were loving me! Oh no, wait. They were NOT loving me. They were loving what they were getting from me! They NEVER cared about ME! They only cared about what they could get from me! But, they kept and manufactured “receipts” because all along they knew we would not be together, and that’s when they would strike!

I have never in my life used any money that was not mine! And I’ve NEVER been with a man! NEVER! But these are the lies people tell and repeat and believe! Without any concern with how the lie impacts the person.

Brainwashed!? Who have I ever brainwashed!? I don’t even know how to brain wash someone. I am me! I am who I am! For some people it works and they love me. For others it doesn’t work and I’m not their “cup of tea”

The jealous men who seek to dog me because of who I am!

The sneaky women who have set out to set me up! And then play the victim!

The fake friends who are more concerned about how it might look for them to be connected to me!

The ungrateful people I have served and helped who look at me now with contempt in their eyes and will not stand up for or with me. But are sure to tell me how I’ve disappointed them. When I have covered them when they were broken and in sin and feeling low. But who have said not a word to me now!

The judgmental, no grace giving people in general!

Throw the Old Testament away! Because every man in it had dealings with more than one woman! Abraham! David! Solomon! Moses! Did they have “a problem” did they “need help” were they “womanizers”?

I’m not saying it’s alright now. But, it certainly should not be the narrative that people cast a mans life in!

This is bullying is what this is! Flat out bullying! “Just step down and we will stop” is what they say!

I am being bullied into leaving things I have loved, built and been a part of! Why!? Because “you have a problem” “you’re not right” “you’re a this! You’re a that”

And no one sees what’s actually happening to ME!

So this is it! I am done! Write this story “HE QUIT LIFE!” . Not because he was guilty! But, because he knows that there is more peace o in leaving than in staying! There is no peace here for me.

This will “all pass over” they say! No! Never mind! I’ll pass over and cross over!

So you can call me a coward or whatever you want. But, I won’t be here to hear it! And that’s fine with me!

I have no more strength to stand in! I have no more tears to shed and I have nothing else to stay here for! I’m done! And if you make it to the other side, please don’t look for me. And don’t cry any fake tears for me. Because you really do not care about ME!

Congratulations! This took me out!!

Blair also published a video purportedly put out by Couzens to show that he is alive and well. On what appears to be his Instagram page, Couzens claims his Facebook account was hacked and that it was later deactivated.

Below is that video.

All of this stems from the allegations against Couzens that he has carried on adulterous and fornicating relationships with multiple women.

In an interview with Larry Reid, 29-year-old New York City model, Andrea Garrison, claimed she had been engaged in a sexual relationship with Couzens since 2011 and planned to move in with him last month, only to find out that she was not the only woman Couzens had been having an adulterous relationship with.

Garrison told Reid, “I felt stupid, I felt used, I’m hurt, [he] publicly humiliated me, tried to lie on me, tried to tell people I got no receipts. I got more receipts than you could ever imagine. Church checks, [evidence] from other women coming at me with receipts. It’s a lie. It’s not cool.” She showed evidence, including photos of the two together this summer, and stood by her claims in a later interview with The Christian Post.

Click here to watch Garrison’s interview with Larry Reid.

In response to these allegations, Bishop Paul S. Morton, founding and presiding bishop of The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International, released a statement regarding the actions of his “spiritual son.” The statement below reveals that, after Morton’s discussions with Couzens regarding his alleged behavior, the Ohio minister “tendered his resignation as the Bishop of College of Elders of Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship.” It is not known whether he has decided to resign from the church

As Pastors, if we are going to preach the gospel, we must practice the gospel as we are always representing God regardless if we are in the pulpit or not.

I was recently made aware of a situation involving one of my spiritual sons, Bishop Victor Couzens, being involved in multiple relationships that caused me concern.

I spoke with Bishop Couzens about his actions as they were not in alignment with the level of character I expect of Pastors, especially one that is my spiritual son. He has repented and tendered his resignation as the Bishop of College of Elders of Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship.

Though I understand the relationships were consensual, I want to also offer an apology to the young ladies involved as well as the body of Christ for this situation. People of God, we must maintain high standards. I’m not perfect but I’m determined to present myself to God as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable unto God which is my reasonable service.

There will be no further comments made.

There is no word yet on whether Couzens has decided to resign from his position as pastor of Inspirational Bible Church – City of Destiny.

Watch video below from Larry Reid discussing the allegations against Victor Couzens on his show today.

BCNN1’s editors applaud Bishop Paul Morton for being the type of godly man, bishop, and pastor of pastors who would step up and address this difficult, negative situation head-on in an attempt to help his “spiritual son” as he has done in the past. If these allegations against Couzens are true, Couzens is a grown man who needs to stand up and publicly admit, confess, and repent of his own sins for the glory of God, the glory of Christ, the sake of the church, and the sake of his children.

Let this be a warning to all pastors: If you are a true minister of the Gospel who commits fornication or adultery and does not take advantage of the space God has given you to repent on your own, it is always going to end badly. In Couzens’ case, if these allegations are true, God has allowed everything to be exposed which is what happens when you don’t confess and repent of your sins during the space to repent that God grants every preacher and every Christian. If the almost-retired Bill Hybels had to resign and sit down from his church and ministry after nearly 50 years, if any of this is true about Couzens, he needs to resign and take two seats for the glory of God, the glory of Christ, the sake of the church, and the sake of his children.

Furthermore, if pastors who commit adultery and fornication are (rightfully) branded as whoremongers, we need to address the silly-minded church whores who carry on secret, clandestine, sexual relationships with pastors, and then when it doesn’t work out the way they want, the Judas-Jezebel vindictive spirit comes out and they want everyone to see them as little, helpless victims when, in reality, they are adults who made a decision to willingly participate as Victor Couzens reportedly stated in his defense.