David Kyle Foster: Did 2 Women Really Make a Baby Together?

I was greeted this morning with yet another example of what can only be described as “Frankenscience” – the latest attempt to engineer and/or redefine biological reality.

The story was of a lesbian couple who, according to the article in the New York Post, supposedly made history by carrying the same baby. Would it be rude to ask which woman produced the sperm for this procedure? Is it really an example of two women overturning biological reality?

As it turns out, it was merely an example of in vitro fertilization, and as a colleague of mine noted, “just one more case of a child being denied the right to a mother and a father.”

Well, why not? This new field of Frankenscience is already creating a host of “chimeras” in the lab – combining human-pig embryos, for example – perfect for Halloween, wouldn’t you say? Or perhaps a troubling sequel to “Back to the Future”?

It reminds me of the headline sent ’round the world in 2017: “Man Gives Birth to a Boy!” As it turned out, it was actually a woman who gave birth to the boy, as always. The fact that she “identified herself” as a man could never change that reality. It makes one wonder, though, why the couple referred to the child as a boy? Isn’t that taboo these days? Shouldn’t they have announced the birth of a “child yet unidentified”? And the beat goes on.

This game of “Let’s Pretend” is much more dangerous than it appears. This flaunting of sin and rebellion against the created order brings real consequences, not only in the judgment of God, but also in the lives of real people – people like that baby, who is being raised by two people who are not only very confused about their own identity, but who will model and teach that same confusion to their child.

What we have been witnessing these past 40 years or more is a well strategized attempt by homosexual and transgender activists to normalize aberrant lifestyles that are not only harmful to themselves but to others as well. This scheme is part of a larger propaganda ploy designed and implemented in the 1980s by cultural engineers like Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen, who began instructing the gay community in how to overturn the existing Judeo-Christian moral ethic.

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Source: Christian Post