Actress Rose Bryne Moved by Pastors’ Wives Reactions to ‘Instant Family’ at Screening

Rose Bryne, the lead actress in the upcoming film “Instant Family,” says she was deeply moved by the responses of pastors’ wives who watched a screening of the movie.

In a sit-down interview with actor Mark Wahlberg and Bryne, his co-star, the Hollywood actress shared a story that “Instant Family” director Sean Anders had shared with her. Anders said that the studio hosted a screening of the film for pastors’ wives in Las Vegas to gauge their reactions.

“He just told me the story and he said that it was the most fantastic screening they’ve had,” Bryne told The Christian Post on Saturday. “He said they just loved it. They were laughing, they were crying, they were so responsive. I was so moved. That’s just fantastic.”

Bryne is promoting her upcoming film “Instant Family” which is about a couple who take in three foster children and overnight become parents to a troubled teen and her two siblings.

“Instant Family” is marketed as a family-friendly movie but features a lot of adult language and isn’t a faith-based film. It does, however, pull on the heartstrings and viewers are shown the realities of what children in the foster system encounter and battle through every day.

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Source: Christian Post