Actor Mark Wahlberg Says Nothing is More Important Than Faith & Family; Would Rather Go to Church Than See a Broadway Show

Actor Mark Wahlberg says he’d rather go to church on a Saturday night than see a Broadway show, and likes to start and end each day by reflecting on his faith.

“That’s what it’s all about. You know, for me, it’s just the way I love to start my day, finish my day,” Wahlberg told The Christian Post, explaining why he decided to go to church instead of a musical during his most recent trip to the Big Apple.

“I’ve been very blessed and very fortunate. And it’s because of the focus that I put on my faith and on my family that have allowed me to accomplish so many things. Also, with the failure and disappointment and loss, life is not easy,” he stressed.

Wahlberg is promoting his upcoming film “Instant Family” which is about a couple who take in three foster children and overnight become parents to a troubled teen and her two siblings.

“Just like this movie, this couple brings in three beautiful kids. And there is this kind of honeymoon period. And then there’s this very difficult time when reality sets in. But ultimately, they fall madly in love with each other. And they want to fight for these kids,” Wahlberg said.

“There’s nothing more important than faith and family.”

“Instant Family” is marketed as a family friendly movie but features a lot of adult language and isn’t a faith-based film. It does, however, pull on the heartstrings and viewers are shown the realities of what children in the foster system encounter and battle through every day.

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Source: Christian Post