U.S. Women Win Fourth Straight Title at World Gymnastics Championships

Best in the world then, now and for what seems like will be forever.

The U.S. women cruised to their fourth consecutive title at the world championships Tuesday, locking up a spot at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in the process. They’ve now won every world and Olympic title since 2011.

Granted, having Simone Biles helps. But the Americans are so dominant, so deep, that it’s no longer a question of whether they’ll win but by how much. The U.S. score of 171.629 was a whopping 8.766 points ahead of Russia – and that was with errors by Biles on beam and floor, and an error by Morgan Hurd on floor.

To get an idea of just how ridiculous that gap is, go back and look at the halftime score of that game between the Golden State Warriors and Chicago Bulls on Monday night. Yeah. Like that.

And unless something drastic happens in the next two years, you can go ahead and give the Americans the gold at the Tokyo Olympics, too. The traditional powerhouses – Russia, China, Romania – don’t have the talent or the depth to keep up with the Americans, let alone make a serious challenge at them.

Again, part of that is Biles, the greatest gymnast of her and every other generation. Even with her mistake on floor exercise – she got so much height on her first tumbling pass that she bounced way out of bounds – she scored a 14.766, the highest mark on the event by almost a point.

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SOURCE: USA Today, Nancy Armour