Regs Books Publishing Presents the Anthology, “Women Waiting To Exhale: You Have Permission To Exhale” and “Pursuing Your Purpose With Passion: You Are Destined to Win”

"Pursuing Your Purpose With Passion: You Are Destined to Win," by Regina Mixon
“Pursuing Your Purpose With Passion: You Are Destined to Win,” by Regina Mixon

Regina Mixon Enterprises, LLC DBA as REGS Books Publishing, is pleased to announce the upcoming anthology: “Women Waiting to Exhale: You Have Permission to Exhale.”

“Sometimes we have to take a long hard look at our past, light a match, toss it and say “It is Finished. You Have Permission to Exhale.”

Compiled by Regina Mixon, this book includes contributions from Regina plus seven awesome authors: Courtney N. Williams, Los Angeles, CA (contributor to “To God be the Glory: The Manifested Glory of God: THE BREAKTHROUGH”); Felonesecia West, Minden, LA (new author); Kinedia Brown-Diggs, Minden, LA (new author) ; Raven N. Hunter, Little Rock, AR (author of “You Are Not Your Circumstances”); Lattreta White, Stafford, VA (new author), ; Roz Roberts, Los Angeles, CA (contributor to “To God be the Glory: The Manifested Glory of God: THE BREAKTHROUGH”); and new author Tiffany Washington, Eudora, AR.

Each author shares intricate details as it relates to struggles they have endured and overcome. In overcoming, they each gave themselves PERMISSION to Exhale. Their desire is each reader, after reading this book, gives themselves permission to do the same.

The anthology is written for “A Time of Empowerment, Release and Liberation”.

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“Let me begin by saying what, Women waiting to exhale you have permission, is not. It’s not your Wednesday evening prayer meeting and it’s not a blind lady conquers Mt. Everest. It’s real, gut wrenching stories, relatable tales, babies having babies and men siphoned off to the streets to hit the pipe. It’s about overcoming the DNA that wants to push you into making the same mistakes over and over again.

“Each chapter has a wonderful introduction by Regina G Mixon, a brief bio of who the next voice will be and a grateful nod to their family. Then it’s a quick dive into each of these varied women’s lives. And their stories shine light on the things most of us keep in the shadows, sexual assaults, failed relationships, divorce and poor parenting. These brave women face their fears and usually with a bible in their hands.

“And these are God without action bares no fruit gals. They pummel you with a force and it’s pushing you to forgive yourself, learn to love yourself and that’s a big first step toward the final result which is, the storm will end, things will be okay. Give it some time and you can accept that death, learn from the mistakes of a failed relationship and move beyond the divorce. Many of those physical problems will be resolved. The problem child that you helped create will settle down. Your special needs child will improve. In understanding Gods perfection in creation one’s self esteem is lifted in recognizing the uniqueness and beauty not just inside but outside as well.

“I recommend this book to anyone who needs a little fixing, a nudge toward improving your relationship with yourself as well as with God. Reading this book was a pleasure.”

–Richard A. DeVall


Regina, along with contributor, Shiemetre Smith of Minden, LA, and a powerful Foreword written by Lakeisha McKnight, collaborated in the writings of this book. Here’s why Regina felt led to write it:

“After my encounters with so many who could not identify their purpose or downplayed their gifts and talents, I decided to write a book encouraging people to know that God wants all of us to win in life; not just some, but all of us. The Bible clearly states in Proverbs 18:16 that our gifts will make room for us and bring us before great men, but if we downplay our gifts and don’t see them as possibly our purpose, then no room will be made. Stir up the gifts!

“The Word (Matthew 25:14–30) also talks about the three talents and how two of the three people went out and doubled their talents, while one of them hid his. In that parable, the talent was taken from the one who hid his and given to the one who had the most. Don’t allow the enemy to rob you of your talents. Use them for God’s glory! YOU ARE DESTINED TO WIN, so let’s go out and start winning!”


Regina Mixon is here to serve you in any way that God has gifted her. Her passion is helping others to pursue their purpose in life as none are here by happenstance, but for a reason and a season. She encourages ALL to believe in God and in themselves enough to pursue any dream or vision given; to uplift, encourage and serve others as they go about their daily life; to share their testimonies with the hopes of giving someone a “hand up”; to multiply their gifts and talents, and to daily grow to become the person God intended them to be, knowing in doing so they are helping many others.

Regina serves as an Author, Purpose Coach, Business Start-up Consultant, Speaker, and Minister.


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