Jewish Leaders Criticize Mike Pence for Sharing Stage With Controversial ‘Jews for Jesus’ Rabbi Who GOP Candidate Invited to Pray for Pittsburgh Victims

Vice President Mike Pence has been criticized for inviting a controversial ‘Jews for Jesus’ rabbi onstage to pray for the victims of the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre at a rally in Michigan.

Rabbi Loren Jacobs invoked ‘Jesus the Messiah’ when he offered prayers for the 11 people killed at the Tree of Life synagogue at the event in suburban Detroit’s Waterford Township on Monday.

Jacobs, who is of Messianic congregation Shema Yisrael, in nearby Bloomfield Hills, started by saying: ‘God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God and father of my lord and savior Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah, and my God and my Father, too.’

As Pence stood next to him, Jacobs ended his prayer by saying, ‘in the name of Jesus.’

It sparked a backlash from Jewish leaders, who slammed Pence and GOP congressional candidate Lena Epstein for being ‘deeply insensitive.’

Jacobs’ participation in the event was condemned by Jews on social media – who branded him a ‘Christian rabbi’ and a ‘fake rabbi.’

Detroit-area Rabbi Jason Miller said on Facebook that there are at least 60 rabbis on a directory of Michigan rabbis.

And ‘yet the only rabbi they could find to offer a prayer for the 11 Jewish victims in Pittsburgh at the Mike Pence rally was a local Jews for Jesus rabbi?’ he said.

‘That’s pathetic!’

Jews for Jesus is a group that is condemned by mainstream Jewish leaders as a kind of evangelical Christianity.

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Source: Daily Mail