Brazilian Politician Jair Bolsonaro, Catholic Who Won Over Evangelical Vote, Promises to Follow the Bible as President

Brazilian politician Jair Bolsonaro, who has won his country’s election to become the next president, has sharply divided opinions among evangelicals, churches, and families.

Mainstream media sites around the world, including BBC News, have described him as a “far-right” politician who gained popularity for his vow to fight crime and corruption in the country, despite controversial remarks on race, women, and homosexuality.

Bolsonaro, who won 55.2 percent of the vote against the 44.8 percent for Fernando Haddad of the left-wing Workers’ Party, vowed in his victory speech to “change Brazil’s destiny together.”

He thanked God for helping save his life during an attempted assassination on the campaign trail, and said that he will govern “following the Bible and the constitution.”

“We cannot continue flirting with socialism, with communism, populism and the extremism of the left,” Bolsonaro said, according to The Telegraph.

Evangelicals, who make up 29 percent of the country, are believed to have voted in large numbers for Bolsonaro, a Roman Catholic. Pre-election polls showed that 61 percent of evangelicals were planning on voting for him, having been won over in part due to his slogan, “Brazil above everything, God above all.”

Luceni Alves, a presenter on Radio Relogio, an evangelical station in Rio de Janeiro, told BBC:

“He believes in the word of God and in my principles,” Alves said. “He’s against the legalization of abortion because that goes completely against God’s word. He’s also against the legalization of drugs.”

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Source: Christian Post