Persecution Watchdog Says Chinese Christians Must Stand Up for Their Faith as Government Oppresses Them

Chinese Christians have no option but to stand up for their faith in the face of the communist government trying to rewrite the Bible, a persecution watchdog group has warned.

“The Church in China needs to move out of the passive zone and be actively integrating their faith into every part of their walk in China, including standing up if the Chinese government decides it wants to ‘edit’ the Bible,” Open Doors CEO David Curry told Mission Network News.

Curry added that the Church cannot be bystanders in the face of such danger.

“I think we have to call it out. I think it’s an issue of prayer and letting people know in the global community, that we’re aware,” he added. “Whenever Christians are persecuted, we need to stand up and let our voice be heard.”

Bob Fu, founder of ChinaAid, revealed back in September at a House hearing in Washington D.C. that the communist plan to rewrite the Bible is part of the initiative to “Sincize” Christianity, or make it more compatible with the state ideology.

Fu warned in his written testimony at the time that under the new regulations, enacted in February, religious activity sites will “accept the guidance, supervision, and inspection of relevant departments of the local people’s government regarding the management of personnel, finances, assets, accounting, security, fire protection, protection of relics, health and disease prevent and so forth.”

Part of the plan will also see an effort to re-translate the Old Testament of the Bible, providing new commentary also to the New Testament, in order to champion socialist ideals. Buddhist scripture and Confucian teachings will be used toward that purpose.

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Source: Christian Post