Is a Tragedy Going to Take Place in the Untied Methodist Denomination? Plan to Change United Methodism’s Stance on Homosexuality Upheld by Church Court

The United Methodist Church’s highest court has ruled that a plan that would change the mainline denomination’s official position against homosexuality is largely constitutional.

The UMC will hold a special session of General Conference next February with the intention of ending the internal debate over the Church’s stance on LGBT issues.

The United Methodist Judicial Council reviewed the constitutionality of the three main plans proposed to end the debate and issued a ruling last Friday.

Regarding the “One Church Plan,” which would allow local bodies within the Church to determine their position on homosexuality, the Judicial Council concluded that most of the petitions in the plan were constitutional.

In Decision 1366, the Judicial Council stated that the General Conference has “the authority to adopt a uniform, standardized, or a non-uniform, differentiated theological statement.”

“Our Constitution commands not that all church policies enacted by the General Conference be uniform but that all uniform church policies be enacted by the General Conference,” read Decision 1366.

“The legislative branch of the Church is constitutionally free to set the standards for entrance into the ministry wherever and whenever it sees fit.”

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Source: Christian Post