Here We Go: Supposedly Same-Sex Couple ‘Make Medical History’ After They Carry the Same Baby Inside Their Bodies

A same-sex couple is believed to have made medical history after they both carried the same baby in a ‘priceless’ experience.

Ashleigh and Bliss Coulter, from Mountain Springs, North Texas, underwent the revolutionary fertility treatment Effortless Reciprocal IVF so they could both be involved in bringing their child into the world.

Eggs were taken from Bliss, 36, and fertilized with donor sperm in the lab.

The embryo was then placed inside Bliss, who acted as an incubator for the first five days, using a device that resembles a champagne cork.

Bliss did not want to carry a child, so the embryo was then removed and placed in 28-year-old Ashleigh.

And in June this year, their ‘perfect’ son Stetson was born healthy at 8lbs 4oz.

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Source: Daily Mail