How a ‘Child of Alcoholism’ Escaped a Hopeless Future Through Gospel for Asia

This is Rajdev.

As a ‘child of alcoholism,’ Rajdev escaped a life with no future with the help of Gospel For Asia.

Through Gospel For Asia’s Bridge of Hope program, more than 70,000 children, like Rajdev – abandoned by his alcoholic father – are being given a chance to hope for their future.

Sibirah posed next to Rajdev as the camera captured the special moment. In Rajdev’s hands were two plaques recognizing his talent in public speaking.

Sibirah touched the side of the framed plaque. This was her firstborn son—her little boy who had been abandoned by his dad. This was her son who once had no hope for a future education because of their poverty. Now, there he stood, holding up his achievements.

Alcoholic Dad Abandons Family
Rajdev’s father, Jairus, left home before he even saw his newborn son’s face. Alcohol appeared to be more important to him than his family. Jairus’s addiction to the bottle left him hard and immovable, even after much pleading from his pregnant wife and his sister. Tensions eventually exploded in one final argument.

Sibirah was now a single mother, left with nothing to support her family. She had a son to raise and hospital bills to pay from her delivery. But these weren’t the only troubles she faced.

Near Death Experience
One day, little Rajdev gasped for air. He was suffering from a severe asthma attack, and the doctors held no hope for his survival.

He was dying.

Sibirah watched helplessly as her son was slipping away from her with no support given by her husband and no hope for her little one’s future. She had nothing but love to offer her son, much like many poverty-stricken single mothers in Asia. What would his little life hold? What trials and troubles lie ahead for this abandoned son?

But this was not the end for Rajdev.

At the last moment, Rajdev’s aunt, a woman of faith in Jesus, prayed over her nephew, and the Lord healed him completely! It was a miracle. God spared Rajdev’s life. Now Sibirah needed to find a way to support and educate her only son.

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SOURCE: Assist News, Michael Ireland