The Devil is a Lie! Demonic New Trend Sees People Decorating Christmas Trees With Mini Pumpkins and Skeletons for Halloween

A bizarre new trend has seen Twitter users share snaps of their Christmas trees decorated with Halloween baubles ahead of October 31

With Halloween just a few days away many of us will be carving pumpkins in preparation, but others have taken it one step further.

A bizarre new trend has seen festive enthusiasts decorating their Christmas trees for the October holiday.

Recycling the faux firs Twitter users have shared snaps of the spooky makeovers they have given their yuletide trees.

In many cases inventive decorators have replaced a traditional star or an angel with a creepy alternative such as a black cat or a witches hat.

And when it comes to baubles, skulls, and of course, pumpkins make suitable replacements.

When it comes to what goes under the tree, while there are no presents to be found there are still treats in the form of bowls full of sweets.

SOURCE: Daily Mail