Social Media Pages for Mail Bomber, Cesar Sayoc, Display Emotional Distress, Political Anger, and Love for Trump

A booking photo of Cesar Sayoc, 56. (Photo: Broward County Sheriff’s Office)
A booking photo of Cesar Sayoc, 56. (Photo: Broward County Sheriff’s Office)

Social media pages that appear linked to Cesar Altieri Sayoc displayed evidence of emotional turmoil and political anger before he was arrested on Friday and identified as the suspect behind 12 mail bombs sent to leading Democrats, prominent activists, and members of the media.

There are multiple Facebook accounts, a LinkedIn account, and a Twitter page that appear to belong to Sayoc. They show his name and display many photos that strongly resemble the man who was taken into custody by the FBI on Friday. The postings appear to be from an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump and one who despised many Democrats.

The person identifying himself as Sayoc described himself as an entrepreneur, or as he put it on LinkedIn, a “Promoter, booking agent Live entertainment, owner, choreographer.” In multiple pictures on Facebook, the person identifying as Sayoc can be seen wearing a pro-Trump “Make America Great Again” hat and attending Trump campaign rallies. In the months leading to Trump’s election in 2016, the Facebook pages regularly promoted articles containing bizarre conspiracy theories about Democrats — including allegations that Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton, sold weapons to the jihadist group ISIS, claims Democrats were “buying votes,” and rumors of an imminent Muslim terror attack.

Based on the Facebook posts, the person identifying as Sayoc was fixated on the idea America would be at risk of terror under Clinton.

“Wake up America FBI director warns an attack like never seen before here in America will happen. We can’t afford risk American lives with Hilary Clinton. They will infiltrate refugees guaranteed,” the person wrote.

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SOURCE: Hunter Walker
Yahoo News