Pittsburgh City Council and School Board Orders Marathon to Drop Chick-fil-A as Top Sponsor of Kids’ Event Due to Their Biblical Views on Same-sex Marriage

Members of the city council and school board in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, are demanding that the organizers of the Pittsburgh Marathon drop Chick-fil-A as the top sponsor of their children’s event.

If organizers of the children’s marathon do not scrap the pro-family restaurant chain as sponsors, the school board and city council threaten that major consequences will result.

“Unless marathon organizers boot the fast-food chain, a proposed resolution due before the Pittsburgh Public Schools board would ban district employees and schools from participating in ‘an official capacity’ in the one-mile Kids Marathon held the day before the main race in May,” The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported. “Meanwhile, all nine council members signed a letter asking the marathon to nix the funding deal, [and] their correspondence went to the P3R nonprofit – which manages the race events – just as its board was due to discuss the sponsorship Thursday afternoon [in a meeting closed to the public].”

What’s the hang-up?

The controversy revolves around comments made by Dan T. Cathy – the son of Chick-fil-A’s founder – regarding his biblical views on same-sex marriage. Qualms were also brought up about donations made by America’s favorite fast food chain to conservative pro-family foundations.

“They have several beliefs, which they’ve expressed officially – largely through religious basis – that are quite discriminatory and are quite inconsistent with the district’s policies regarding discrimination on the basis of gender, race, etc.,” Pittsburgh school solicitor Ira Weiss contended at the meeting, according to the Post-Gazette.

Weiss and school administrators were informed about the matter by Pittsburgh school board members Lynda Wrenn, Moira Kaleida and Terry Kennedy – who allegedly shared concerns given by constituents – and a conclusion is slated for next week.(Pittsburgh City Council)

“The board is set to vote next week on the resolution, which would withhold district support from the children’s event – as long as Chick-fil-A is a sponsor,” the Post-Gazette’s Elizabeth Behrman and Adam Smeltz announced. “The move follows an online petition this month urging North Side-based P3R to sever the financial relationship.”

The petition has accrued more than 1,200 signatures and alleges that the Christian fast food giant famous for its chicken sandwiches promotes fear and hate against the LGBT community by being open about its biblical take on human sexuality.

“It is not possible to create a community event that is safe and affirming for western Pennsylvanians – especially our young people – if you take money from a company that works to eradicate LGBTQ persons’ very right to exist,” the online petition posted by The Action Network opens up. “Children should not be asked to run under the banner of a company that believes their sexual orientation and gender identity is something that can be cured or healed, [and] children should not have to support corporate bodies who want to erase them or their family members.”

It then calls on local schools to band against Chick-fil-A for not being on board with the pro-LGBT agenda.

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SOURCE: One News Now, Michael F. Haverluck