Here We Go: Texas Judge Rejects Christians’ Lawsuit Against ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ at Library

A Houston federal judge dismissed on Wednesday a legal case led by conservative Christians against a local public library’s “Drag Queen Story Hour” events.

A number of Christians joined the lawsuit against Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Rhea Lawson, head of the city’s library system, arguing that the events featuring drag queens reading to children are a promotion of secular religion, and violate the freedom of religion clause in the Constitution.

Chief U.S. District Judge Lee H. Rosenthal issued a short order, explaining the decision in only two sentences: “There is no basis to support the requested relief. The application is denied.”

Houston businessman Tex Christopher, one of the plaintiffs, suggested that he will be pushing on with the lawsuit and will seek to make his arguments in court, the Houston Chronicle reported.

“I’m taking a stand for righteousness,” Christopher said. “I’m calling out Mayor Turner.”

The conservative activist insisted that the drag queen performers are looking to groom children to become transgender.

“Why would they want to do that? Transgender (people) have the highest suicide rate. Why would we want to groom our children to be transgender?” he asked.

Turner argued that the lawsuit is “frivolous,” declaring Houston to be “the most diverse city in America.”

“We acknowledge and celebrate that diversity in all its dimensions,” the mayor positioned.

“As mayor of this city I want us to be diverse and inclusive and I want to live in a city where people can be who they are and we can be tolerant of people ‘s opinions, ideologies, sexual orientation, ethnicities, religion and cultures.”

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Source: Christian Post