Here We Go: Oxford Students Vote to Ban Christian Group After LGBT Students Claim They Are a Threat

Students at the University of Oxford in the U.K. have voted in favor of banning a conservative Christian group from holding a residential camp for young people.

College paper The Oxford Student reported that the Junior Common Room, the student body at Lady Margaret Hall, overwhelmingly voted during a debate in favor of banning Christian Concern’s Wilberforce Academy, which says that it aims to “train and equip the invited students on what it means to proclaim Christ in public life.”

The ban is not yet final, as the government body will have to make a decision on the issue at the fourth week of its meeting.

Christian Concern’s support in favor of traditional marriage as defined by a union between one man and one woman, along with its warnings of Islamic radicalization in the West, are said to have been at the center of concerns raised against the group.

President Joshua Tulloch explained that the JCR is not opposing Christian Concern solely because of its views, but also because students are worried that the group is a “real threat to the physical and mental safety of students.”

“We’re inviting them into our home and we can’t invite people who stand against our values,” said one student, who wasn’t named.

The Telegraph noted that the move was driven by LGBT students who are uncomfortable with Christian Concern’s presence, also because of the organization’s history of backing pro-life protests at abortion clinics.

Christian Concern said in a statement to The Christian Post that the college itself has the requisite management and decision making power on the booking issue. It recognized that the student vote went against it, however.

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Source: Christian Post