Strange TV Advertisement in Australia Has Roman Soldiers Asking ‘Jesus’ to Become an Organ Donor as he Hangs On the Cross

A screenshot from the ad.
A screenshot from the ad.

Jesus became an organ donor during a bizarre two-minute advert that has sparked outrage among the Christian community.

The clip, aired in Australia, shows an actor playing the son of God moments before his crucifixion.

Two Roman guards approach him and ask if he has considered donating his organs before he dies.

The pair inform Jesus that registering as an organ donor could help save the lives of up to seven people, before suggesting he signs up immediately before he is killed.

And when Jesus shows interest in their proposal, one of the guards sticks a phone on a spear and passes it up to him on the cross.

Stranger still, the guard then tells Jesus he needs his family to be “on board for this,” and invite his parents, Mary and “earthly father” Joseph, to endorse his desires.

All three of them pose for a selfie, which one of the guards suggests should be posted on social media with the hashtags #register, #DyingToLive, while Jesus comes up with #blessed.

The controversial advert is part of a documentary called Dying to Live, which addresses the lack of organ donor registrations in Australia.

But the ad has caused a stir online, as religious followers labelled it “blasphemy”.

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SOURCE: Callum Hoare 
Daily Star