Skull and Crossbones Nebula Revealed in New Image

NGC 2467 is also known as the Skull and Crossbones nebula.

Something sinister is staring back at us from space.

The European Southern Observatory released a fresh look at a star-forming region named NGC 2467, more evocatively known as the Skull and Crossbones Nebula thanks to its resemblance to a human skull in some images.

The new image comes to us from the FORS2 instrument on the ESO’s Very Large Telescope in Chile. FORS2 can take images of large swathes of the sky and is responsible for some of the telescope’s most memorable views, including the Crab Nebula and spiral galaxy NGC 1232.

If you’re puzzling out how NGC 2467 looks like a skull, then you might want to check out an earlier ESO image from 2005 that shows the ominous shape a little more clearly.

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SOURCE: Cnet, Amanda Kooser