Sad: Netflix & Facebook Launch Masturbation Game to Promote Cartoon About Puberty

WARNING: Editor’s Note: The following article contains descriptions of a crude, sexual nature. 

A new Facebook game sponsored by Netflix is encouraging masturbation for children, the nation’s leading conservative family media watchdog group fears.

To promote its puberty-focused original cartoon series “Big Mouth,” the streaming media giant launched this month a new Facebook mobile game called “Hand Masters.”

The game claims to be the “first international masturbation game.” The object of the game is simple: shake a smartphone vigorously in a manner that emulates male masturbation for 20 seconds. The faster the phone is shaken, the higher the score.

In a tweet promoting the game, @BigMouth stated that “it’s time to play with yourself.”

Upon launching the game, users will be asked to “generate your d— name.” In order to do that, users must play a virtual slot machine that will generate a combination of three-word nicknames such as “Principal Enormous Manhood,” “The Hungry Banana,” “The Jumbo Pepper,” or “Great Precious Sausage.”

Some users with a low score in the game will be told things at the end such as “you’re jerking off at a sixth grade level.” A user that finishes with a higher score will be told “You’re all right but you can’t go all night.”

The game also includes “sex ed tips” that include things like “Put your tongue underneath her tongue,” and “If you hump, you can’t dump.”

The Parents Television Council, which regularly urges media content providers and advertisers to be more family friendly, believes the game represents a “new low” for Netflix in its “sexualization of children.”

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Source: Christian Post