Ray Comfort: Sin’s Multiple Betrayal

Judas traveled with Jesus during what are often called the “years of popularity.” Judas witnessed the miracles. He was there when the fish were multiplied, when the storm was stilled, and when four-days-dead Lazarus came forth from the grave. He heard the gracious words come from the mouth of the Son of God, yet he betrayed Him.

This man, whose name would be categorized in the folder of evil, betrayed Jesus because he didn’t fear God. He didn’t fear when he, as the disciples’ treasurer, stole money from the bag. His betrayal began well before Gethsemane. He loved money more than God, and we cannot serve sin and the Savior.

The devil therefore had easy access to Judas. He was a pushover; the door of entry was marked “Sin.” There was no lock. Instead, sin welcomed the one who walks about as a roaring lion. Satan had found someone whom he had permission to devour (1 Peter 5:8).

Judas was welcomed by the anti-Christ Pharisees, but behind their smiles were hissing demons.

What’s on your door today? Has a little theft, a little lust, a little bitterness scrawled “Welcome” to the principalities you are supposed to be fighting? Are you cooperating with demons by serving sin?

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Source: Christian Post