Pastor Ryan Guard Says He Was Fired From Willow Creek’s High School Ministry Due to Low Attendance

Pastor Ryan Guard, former director of Willow Creek Community Church’s high school ministry, Student Impact, has said that the real reason he left the ministry last year is because he was fired due to low attendance, not because he wasn’t “gifted enough as a leader” as stated in an earlier narrative.

Guard, who is now lead pastor at Prodigal Church, made the revelation in a series of tweets Monday in which he suggested his former boss at the South Barrington, Illinois, church, Scott Rubin, was “obsessed with numerical growth.”

“A year ago we announced I was leaving Willow Creek to explore new opportunities. The whole truth is that they fired me because attendance was down. Youth pastors: I’m done playing games, and you should be too. If your boss is obsessed with numerical growth — call it out and QUIT,” Guard advised.

“They offered me a severance, but forced me to sign a non-disclosure. Well, come and get it. We shared a half-truth to protect their image, but that ship sailed and sank, and I’m done lying for you. I love the Student Impact students, staff and volunteers, and they deserve better,” he continued.

“I can understand why some people stay silent, but we were mistreated, and there were clear ethical violations in the process. That is why I can no longer remain silent. Our family deserves an apology, not another dose of power mongering and story spinning,” he added.

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Source: Christian Post