Over 16K Sign Petition Protesting Organ Donor Ad of Jesus Nailed to Cross

Christians are divided on their views of a controversial ad campaign in Australia showing  Jesus becoming an organ donor while nailed to the cross. Over 16,000 have signed an online petition in protest.

The ad, published online on Oct. 14 by the Dying to Live organ donor campaign, features two Roman soldiers speaking with Jesus about becoming an organ donor in Australia.

The exchange ends with Christ agreeing to help others by donating His organs. The guards explain some of the rules and procedures when it comes to registering to be an organ donor, including the need for a person’s parents to be informed.

That prompts two actors depicting Mary and Joseph, Jesus’ earthly parents, to show up and give their approval.

A petition on Change.org seeking to ban the ad has been signed by over 16,000 people as of Wednesday morning.

“This advertisement is clearly mocking our Lord Jesus and it is offensive. No faith has suffered as much as Christianity and many Christians are martyred all around the globe for their faith,” the petition states.

“No other religion will ever tolerate this kind of mockery and disrespect. We are calling on you to make a stand and protect our faith by banning this disrespectful ad,” it adds.

But others disagree.

“It uses the self-sacrificial example of Jesus to communicate an important message,” Anglican Bishop of South Sydney, Michael Stead, told The Daily Telegraph.

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Source: Christian Post