GuideStone Financial Services to Add Benefits to 2019 Health Plans

Consultations with doctors through telemedicine will be available at no out-of-pocket charge for the majority of participants in the health plans of GuideStone Financial Services in 2019.

The popular Teladoc service provides a consultation with board-certified physicians via phone or computer. Participants can have a prescription sent to a local pharmacy for pickup, though co-pays still apply.

Additional enhancements include a new diabetic management program, elimination of some inpatient co-pays in comprehensive plans and reduced individual maximum out-of-pocket charges.

All of these enhancements were implemented while keeping average rate increases below 3 percent for group plans. Personal plans participants will see rate increases related only to participant ages. These are the lowest rate adjustments GuideStone has been able to provide in many years, with many groups experiencing no rate change, even with the added benefits.

“Our insurance team worked diligently to add significant value to our health plans while mitigating the impacts of medical inflation,” said O.S. Hawkins, president of the Southern Baptist entity. “While the impacts of medical inflation due to high utilization and unhealthy lifestyles along with the lingering impacts of federal health care reform are real, our team worked hard to enhance the products at minimal additional costs.”

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Source: Baptist Press