Candace Cameron Bure Releases Children’s Book, Shares How She’s Coping With Her Kids Moving Out

Actress Candace Cameron Bure recently announced the release of her sixth book, Candace Center Stage, a children’s book about a little girl who enjoys dancing.

“The dream I had as a young mother has come true! My first children’s book, Candace Center Stage, is on sale TODAY!!! I couldn’t be more thrilled to share this with you. I hope you enjoy reading it to the children in your life as much as I enjoyed creating it,” the mother of three wrote on an Instagram post on Monday along with image of the new book’s cover.

The “Fuller House” star told NBC’s “Today” show that this book has been on her heart since she gave birth to her first child.

“I have been wanting to write a children’s book for 20 years,” she said. “Even though this is my sixth book, it’s like my first dream come true. Ever since I had my daughter Natasha, my favorite thing to do was to read to my children. And almost every night, in bed or cuddling on the couch, whatever, I just would read and use funny voices and accents. It was just a silly time.”

Bure admitted that working on a children’s book actually proved to be more challenging than her other writings, because “literally every word matters.”

“In the other books, it doesn’t matter how many words you use. More the merrier. But here you have to be so specific and match it up with the illustrations and making sure you’re getting your whole story told in very few words but that it captures the kids’ imaginations,” she explained.

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Source: Christian Post