Billy Graham Magazine Editorial Says Christians Will Be ‘Open Targets for Punishment’ If Liberals Take Congress

The official magazine of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has released an editorial board column warning that if liberals take control of Congress in the midterms, Christians will become “open targets for punishment.”

In a column written by the Decision Magazine editors for the October 2018 edition and posted online last week, the heads of the evangelical publication argued that President Donald Trump’s first term has thus far “brought significant progress in restoring religious liberty in the United States.”

The editorial laid out examples of President Trump actions on behalf of social conservatives, including his judicial appointments, re-installing policies that curb government funding of abortion, signing a religious freedom executive order, and officially recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by moving the U.S. embassy to the city.

The editors warned that if the upcoming midterm elections give liberals control of Congress, these and other efforts could be reversed.

“But if Christians do not remain engaged, those gains could be brought to a screeching halt or even lost after next month’s midterm elections,” stated the editors.

“If progressives reclaim a majority in Congress, not to mention in state and local governments, believers will once again be open targets for punishment by left-wing activists bent on silencing those who wish to live out their faith in society.”

The BGEA is headed by the Reverend Franklin Graham, son of the late Billy Graham, and a supporter of Trump since he became president.

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Source: Christian Post