Eric Geiger: 4 Reasons You Should Consider Teaching or Volunteering in Kids Ministry

Last weekend I was not scheduled to teach in our adult services at Mariners Church so I volunteered to teach Sunday morning in our kids ministry. I am so thankful for those who serve in kids ministry each week. They make a massive impact on children and their families, and I wanted to be a part of their great work. If the Lord did not have me preaching in “big church” most weekends, I would be serving in kids ministry or student ministry.

Here are four reasons you should consider volunteering in the kids ministry at your church:

1. You will enjoy it.

Serving God by serving kids is fun. Kids say some of the most hilarious things. They often want to learn and tend to respect the leader who is offering them instruction. And let’s be honest; children tend have more fun than most big people. Being in a kids ministry gives you an opportunity to be surrounded by the optimism and creativity and joy that kids bring.

2. You will have an impact.

Those who serve kids are choosing to invest in others during their most impressionable years. While kids are impressionable, they are not innocent. None of us are. The Bible says we are sinful from the time we were conceived. All of us need the grace of Jesus to change us, and those who serve in kids ministry are helping kids encounter God’s grace. If you serve in kids ministry you can make an eternal impact by giving kids a tangible expression of God’s love. As a kids ministry leader, your consistent presence in the life of kids sends a strong signal of God’s consistent and faithful love.

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Source: Church Leaders