Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right: Revenge Mob Hounds Nancy Pelosi Out of a Cuban Restaurant After Campaign of Public Demonstrations Against High Profile Republicans

Nancy Pelosi was hassled by an angry mob of anti-communists Wednesday outside a building in South Florida where one of her campaign events had been held.

The House minority leader was making her way into a meeting with fellow Democratic leaders when she was met with protesters who fired expletives her way and demanded she get out of Miami.

The conservative protesters held up signs that said things like ‘Pelosi is a communist’ and ‘No communists!’ as they swarmed the politician when she approached the entrance.

One male protester shouted out: ‘Look at Nancy Pelosi right here… look at this piece of sh*t right here… look at this piece of sh*t!

‘F***ing communist! You don’t belong here, you f***ing communist. Get the f*** out of here!’

He continued in the fiery rant:  ‘F*** you and your f***ing Democrats.’

The mob of protesters banged on the door and demanded it be opened after she entered the building.

The group shouted out: ‘Socialism sucks! Socialism sucks! Socialism sucks!’

The protest follows weeks of public harassment against Republican leaders.

In June, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was harassed and booted from a Virginia restaurant by the owners.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was confronted by a group of protesters in his home state of Kentucky in July who told him that they ‘know where he lives.’

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Source: Daily Mail