‘I Just Went Out for 15 Minutes and She was Dead’: Devastated Husband Speaks Out After His Wife was Mauled to Death by Their Pet Pit Bull

Rob Frazier talks with ABC7’s Richard Reeve. (ABC7)

You could see the grief in Rob Frazier’s eyes, as he spoke about his wife’s sudden, shocking death.

“That’s all I know, last twenty years was her,” Frazier said tearfully. “I left her at the house, it’s like fifteen minutes, came back and she was dead.”

He and Angela Smith were together for 20 years and married for the last two.

Now Frazier, 60, is trying to comprehend how their 8-year-old Pit bull Kaine could maul her to death.

“They was really buddies,” he said. “I’m thinking she might have taken some food, something like that from him and he’s real aggressive like that.”

Metro Police Department officers responded to a report of an unconscious woman at the couple’s Dexter Terrace home in Southeast Washington D.C. around 6:30 p.m. Sunday evening.

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Frazier had found Smith’s body moments before.

Authorities described the 54-year-old as having “multiple trauma wounds.”

“Sad, disturbed,” said Kay Powell, a caregiver who works just down the street. “Hits close to home, because I’m here. I’ve seen the individual with the dog.”

Stunned neighbors and Frazier’s mother Inez, who was just upstairs, say they didn’t hear a thing.

“It’s heartbreaking but at the same time, things do happen,” said Vincent Hawkins, a neighbor. “It’s hard to point a finger.”

That’s because the couple raised Kaine from the time he was a puppy.

“(A) pleasant dog, very friendly,” Powell said. “I didn’t see any aggression or anything like that. He was always on a leash.”

But video from the scene Sunday night shows Humane Rescue Alliance officers struggling with Kaine as he tried to bite one of them.

In the end, the officers used an animal control pole — a long pole with a loop attached, that goes around an animal’s neck — to get the dog into a van.

Carlton White, Frazier and Smith’s next door neighbor, says he’s never seen Kaine acting aggressively toward people, but sometimes at other dogs.

“When I saw the dog, I moved myself and my property out of the way,” he said. “Because you don’t know about pit bulls, you don’t know about dogs.”

A Humane Rescue Alliance spokesperson said Kaine was later “humanely euthanized.”

MPD and the Human Rescue Alliance are doing a joint investigation in hopes of learning what would cause the dog to become aggressive.

Chris Schindler, an HRA spokesperson, says cases in the District where dog owners are killed by their pets are “extremely rare.”

He says the most recent death occurred at least ten to 15 years ago.

An autopsy is now underway to determine an official cause of death for Smith.

Now, Frazier is heartbroken.

His wife is deceased and his dog euthanized.

There are so many questions, but right now, it appears all that Frazier wants to do is to grieve for his beloved wife.

“Things aren’t adding up,” he said quietly. “I don’t know and I really don’t care. Because my wife is gone.”