WATCH: What’s Going On? Outrage After White Cobb County Police Officer Uses “Excessive Force” to Arrest Corey Jackson aka Lil C-Note, 12-Year-Old Rapper Who Performed on ‘Ellen,’ for Selling CDs in the Mall

Outrage erupted after video showed a Cobb County, Georgia officer restraining 12-year-old Corey Jackson or Lil C-Note, a rapper who has been on the show Ellen. Jackson was arrested and charged with a felony. Instagram/Screenshot

A video of a Cobb County, Ga., police officer restraining a 12-year-old rapper in a mall sparked controversy online and has prompted an investigation by the police department, Fox 5 reported.

The video was shared on Twitter, Instagram and on other social media sites, where it quickly spread. It shows a Cobb County police officer, who has not been identified, holding onto the arm of 12-year-old Corey Jackson in the Cumberland Mall in Georgia earlier in October.

Jackson is a rapper who goes by the name “Lil C Note.” He appeared on the talk show “Ellen” in 2017, where Ellen DeGeneres interviewed him about his entrepreneurial skills in selling his records.

Police say he was confronted over illegally selling his CDs inside the store on October 6 before the situation escalated, according to the AJC.

In the video, the officer, who is white, is holding Jackson, who is black, by the arm. “Stop,” the officer says. “You’re 12? Stop.”

Off camera, a woman says she is on the phone, telling someone where they are.

“You’re about to go to jail, you’re gonna go to a youth detention center,” the officer says. Jackson says something about his freedom.

“He’s not doing anything, he has his rights, he’s not even doing anything right now sir,” the woman says.

“Okay,” the officer says.

“And I have his father on the phone and you won’t even speak to him.”


Jackson says something about letting go of him, and then the camera suddenly shakes uncontrollably as the woman screams.

“You’re not gonna handle him like that! … You put your hands on my (expletive) nephew!”

The camera then shows another officer, who is black, restraining Jackson. The original officer can be heard calling in their location.

Jackson posted the video to his Instagram page.

Warning: it includes profane language.

On Twitter and other social media, the video sparked a controversy. Some thought the officer went too far in restraining the boy. Others thought the child needed to be disciplined.

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SOURCE: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer – Scott Berson