Ed Stetzer Interviews Andy Stanley on New Book ‘Irresistible’ and Seeking the Bible

Ed: Why did you decide to write Irresistible?

Andy: I love the local church. I’m concerned about the church’s messaging in a world where people can discover ‘what else’ is in the Bible without ever owning or reading a Bible.

Every high school senior and college freshman is a click away from a podcast, YouTube video, or blog that undermines faith, Christianity, and—in particular—the Bible. I’m convinced the time has come for us to step back onto the foundation of our faith—the event of the resurrection of Jesus. Irresistible reflects the approach I’ve taken to talking about the Bible for the past several years.

Ed: In your book, you talk about changing the way you talk about what you believe, not what you believe. Tell more about what you mean.

Andy: Well, I’m trying to put the words of Jesus, Paul, James and all the New Testament authors back in their mouths. Pastors have been saying “The Bible says” or “The Bible teaches” for generations. But, of course, the Bible itself has never uttered a word. Consequently, most Bible-believing Christians think the Bible is the foundation of our faith, that somehow the Bible created Christianity. It didn’t.

The church fully assembled the Bible in the fourth century. There were tens of thousands of Jesus followers long before the assembly of the Bible as we know it. So, in Irresistible, I encourage writers, teachers, and preachers to quote the inspired human authors rather than “the Bible.”

Now, for Bible-believing people, this makes little to no difference. But for those who don’t yet believe, this approach can make a big difference. Besides, the authors of the Bible were moved by the Holy Spirit. So, it’s better and actually more accurate to say, “James said,” “Peter writes,” “Jesus taught,” “Solomon says,” etcetera.

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Source: Christianity Today