Here We Go: ‘God Friended Me’ Introduces Woman in Lesbian Relationship & Her Pastor Father Gives Seal of Approval

CBS’ new TV show “God Friended Me” was warmly received by Christians and mainstream audiences alike this month but the show might lose some of its conservative viewers as it has now introduced a lesbian relationship, which is approved by the show’s preacher.

“God Friended Me,” which drew 10.45 million viewers in its debut episode, tells the story of an atheist who receives a friend request from God. The show is based around Miles (Brandon Micheal), an outspoken atheist, and his quest to find the person behind the “God account” on Facebook who continues to send him on little missions that help various people around New York City.

The atheism argument is contrasted by Miles’ father, the Rev. Arthur Finer (Joe Morton), who tries to convince his son to return to his Christian faith and stop pushing disbelief on his public podcast.


Episode three of the series took a departure from its family-safe start and matured in language and content. The show featured a few choice words, more drinking, and introduced a same-sex relationship and cohabitation.

At first, the episode eluded to some unmentioned tension in the past between the minister and his daughter’s relationship with a woman. But as the episode goes on and she (Javicia Leslie) reveals to her father that she moved in with her girlfriend, he changes his tune.

“Whatever makes you happy,” Rev. Finer tells his daughter repeatedly before making a toast to “new beginnings.”

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Source: Christian Post