Francis Chan Says the Church Needs to Start Loving Jesus & Our Neighbours if We’re ‘Serious’ About Pleasing God

To truly bring a lost world to Christ, churches must focus less on famous speakers, impressive worship music, and other external elements, and focus more on loving one another and displaying unity, Francis Chan has said.

Chan, author of Crazy Love and founder of We Are Church, began his message at the “Rethink Church/Rethink Mission” event at McLean Bible Church in Vienna, Virginia, by asking attendees, “Is God pleased with this gathering?”

“It’s very easy, even as a pastor, to come up here and preach a message and think, ‘Oh, I hope they like it,’ rather than going, ‘God, I’m speaking for you now. God, I hope that You like the way I portrayed who You are and how Your glory goes beyond everything,'” he said.

God is pleased, the pastor said, when His children listen to His Words and believe them “to the point of action.”

“He wants them to say, ‘I could actually make a disciple? I could actually start a gathering? I could actually multiply churches? I could actually move overseas in the power of Almighty God and impact lives? I could reach an unreached people?'” Chan contended.

It’s easy to tell when people are obsessed with their spouse, children, college football, golf, or even their pet, the pastor continued. Yet, far too often, people aren’t in love with Jesus in the same way, and will only attend church because of a popular speaker, an impressive light show, or a good band.

“God’s enough,” Chan said. “Isn’t there any part of you that longs for that? God wants us to be people that our affections are for Him.”

“Are we developing lovers of Jesus, devoted worshipers?” he challenged attendees. “Or are we creating a consumer generation that will show up if it meets their liking because it’s about us; am I enjoying it? Will I like it? Rather than, ‘God, will You be pleased with this?'”

Chan went on to cite John 13:34, where Jesus says, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”

“If we were a Church seriously wanting to please Him, God says, ‘Here’s my command: I want you to love one another just as I’ve loved you,'” the pastor said. “How many of us have even conceived of doing that?”

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Source: Christian Post