David Platt Urges Christians to Do Evangelism ‘While We Still Have Time’: ‘This Is Not a Game’

As part of the Rethink Church | Rethink Mission Conference held at McLean Bible Church in Vienna, Virginia, Pastor David Platt challenged Christians to go out into the world and proclaim God’s name among the nations, bringing the dead to life “while we still have time.”

Platt, who serves as pastor teacher at McLean Bible Church and is the founder and president of Radical, began his message by asking attendees, “How convinced are you that you have been saved solely by God’s grace and supremely for God’s glory among the nations?”

“The sole ground of salvation is the sovereign grace of God; the supreme aim of salvation is the global glory of God,” he said, pointing out that in Ezekiel 36, God repeatedly uses the phrase “I will.”

God saves and restores His people — even when they sin against Him — because He wants His name proclaimed among the nations, the pastor contended.

“The reason God saves His people from destruction is because God is zealous for the fame of His name among the nations,” he said. “God loves His glory and desires His glory among all the nations. When God saves His people, He doesn’t do it ultimately for their sake; He does it ultimately for His sake. God is for them because it brings great glory to Him.”

“This is not the way the 21st century Christian in America thinks about God,” he added. “We think so highly of what we bring to the table … The only reason we are here is because of the mercy of God, and He has shown us this mercy for the spread of His glory among the nations.”

The pastor acknowledged that such truths can be “uncomfortable” to acknowledge, but it’s “more than appropriate for God to be God-centered.”

“The moment He were to exalt someone else, He would no longer be worthy of exaltation,” Platt explained. “There is no one greater than Him … If God is completely good and right and loving, all that is love is summed up in God, then what is the greatest gift He could give us? Enjoyment of Himself, worship of Himself, glory in Himself.”

Desiring the glory of God more than you love your own life, Platt said, will “change your Christianity.”

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Source: Christian Post