Christian Norwegian Doctor Fired for Refusing to Dispense Abortifacient Devices Wins Supreme Court Case

A Catholic doctor who was fired over her objection to birth control has won a landmark case in Norway’s Supreme Court.

In a ruling last Thursday, Norway’s highest court sided with Polish Dr. Katarzyna Jachimowicz and ruled that she has the right to refuse conducting a birth control procedure that violates her Catholic beliefs.

Jachimowicz, who has over two decades’ experience as a doctor, was let go from her job with General Practitioner Clinic in Sauherad in 2015 after she refused to implant an intrauterine device into a patient seeking a birth control solution.

The doctor refused on grounds that IUDs can act as abortifacient devices and go against the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Although Norway’s laws had previously protected the conscience rights of doctors, a new rule was introduced in January 2015 that limited conscience protections for doctors and barred doctors from refusing to provide any method of birth control.

ADF International, a legal group that has supported Jachimowicz, points out that while the new law allowed doctors to object to providing abortions, they could not object to other “procedures which can have the same result.”

Jachimowicz and her lawyer, Håkon Bleken, argued that international law protects the rights of doctors and medical professionals to have conscientious objections to certain medical procedures and treatments.

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Source: Christian Post