65-Y-O Pro-Life Activist Punched and Attacked While Praying Outside Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic

A 65-year-old man praying outside a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Florida was hospitalized after being punched in the face by an attacker.

Naples Daily News reported that Joe Alger was punched several times outside Planned Parenthood Naples Health Center while he was speaking out against the abortions being performed there.

A man fitting the description of the attacker was later escorted by a sheriff’s deputy from the clinic, but he was not arrested as Alger decided not to press charges.

“It’s a painful situation, and I’m not going to make it any worse,” said Alger, who was taken to a hospital.

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Krista Williamson confirmed that both parties declined to press charges and that no arrests were made.

Protests outside the Naples abortion clinic is a regular occurrence, with Planned Parenthood volunteers often stationed outside to escort patients into the building.

Carol Gentile, one of the protesters, said that she witnessed the attack on Alger, explaining that it happened while he was saying his rosary.

Alger was knocked on the ground following the punch by the identified man, and then was punched a second time, while the man hurled obscenities.

“I have never ever seen this type of aggression or fighting (here),” Gentile said. “It is a peaceful protest.”

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Source: Christian Post