Speakers at ERLC Conference Say Repentance Is Vital in Christian Homes

Repentance should mark Christian parenting, participants were told Oct. 12 at the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission’s 2018 national conference.

Bible teacher Jen Wilkin and Philadelphia, Pa., pastor Eric Mason both pointed to repentance from sin as vital for a Christian home during “The Cross-shaped Family” at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. The three-day event attended by about 950 people concluded Oct. 13.

“Let your children see you repent and mature,” Wilkin told Christian parents at the conference and watching by live stream. “They need that modeling. They need to know that it’s safe for them to do the same.

“[R]ather than making converts and letting disciples happen, make disciples and let converts happen,” she urged fathers and mothers during her address on building community in the home. “The message ‘repent and believe’ is good for those who are not yet saved and for those who are.

“And so as we parent and want to display the Gospel to our children, be less concerned with identifying whether your child is in the kingdom or out and put forward the message ‘repent and believe’ with the confidence that everyone, including mom and dad, needs to hear it over and over again,” said Wilkin, classes and curriculum director of The Village Church in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Mason, lead pastor of Epiphany Fellowship, pointed to the importance of a father’s repentance in his message on how God’s fatherhood forms leadership in the home. He based his comments on David’s dying message to his son Solomon from I Kings 2:1-4.

David displayed emotional presence in his son’s life, and Solomon “saw the bad side and the good side of his dad,” Mason said. “He saw in the life of his father — as he’s talking about manhood — a culture of repentance.

“One of the most important things that we can do as fathers is not try to act like we’re telling them to be perfect but they know we’re not,” he said. “And many of us as fathers have to be available in our children’s lives to be able to repent.”

Mason told the audience, “No one showed the fatherhood of God like Jesus did. He had the ability to explain the Father because He was in the presence” of the Father.

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Source: Baptist Press