Singer Austin French’s Journey From Hating Christianity to Faith in Christ

Singer Austin French is on a mission to make music that reaches fans’ hearts and souls. French, 24, recently shared his incredible journey from skeptical pastor’s kid to popular Christian musician — an exploration that forced him to question absolutely everything, including his childhood faith.

“As an 8-year-old kid I remember writing in my journal, ‘I will never be a Christian,'” French recently told The Billy Hallowell Podcast. “And I just hated the church — I hated Christians, didn’t want to be a part of it.”

The singer explained that, as a minister’s kid, his family looked perfect on the outside, but life behind closed doors was chaotic and painful.

“I remember people coming to us and saying, ‘Your family’s the godliest family we’ve ever met,'” he explained. “But at home it felt like World War III, and the mask came off, abuse happened. It was fear-based. It wasn’t love-based and so I remember going and writing in this journal, ‘If this is what being a Christian looks like, I don’t want to be a Christian.'”

French said he struggled to see why he had to be two different people — one at home and another at church. Eventually, his parents divorced and his church disowned the family. It was an awful situation that left him feeling alienated and disenchanted with Christianity.

Looking back, the singer now realizes that he didn’t know at the time who Jesus truly is, and that he assumed — based on his experiences — that Jesus hurt people, talked bad about people and was somehow like those who had harmed him.

But then one day French found himself totally transfixed by a stunning reality: Jesus loves.

That realization came when French’s mom got a job at a small church and sent him to a music camp. It was there that he heard a man preach about Jesus, and it changed everything.

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Source: Christian Post